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How deep is the ocean? DEEP!

So how BIG are black holes?


John Oliver on Octopuses...


There's some Mars dust, waiting in the sky...


Oh geeez... drool...


Lava vs everything...


Drone over Volcano...


Fly me to the Mars!


 Report from the new Iceland Volcano!

Fantastic live feed here!



The Mystery of 'Oumuamua solved?

Whoa... Mars landing!



Go Perseverance!

Watch the landing live here! Update: She landed!


A billion galaxies!





Alan Guth on Cosmic Inflation and Pocket Universes

More info over on Scientific American...


3-D Mars!

Follow the video's directions to either free-fuse or cross-fuse these new images of Mars to see it in three dimensions.



Pac Man IRL!


Kevin Mitnik on Linkedin...

"To kickstart National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). I am sharing a cool demo that I loved perfecting with our team. This attack is an example of a pretext using the USB Ninja to gain access to the target’s credentials and much more. The attack really drives home what a threat actor could do by simply plugging in a cable, or tricking you into doing it for him/her."

Video clip




Lunar Lander Tiny Home!



Yikes, you're on really candid camera!



Aug 20, 2020



Celebrate Woz's 70th!

Woz portrait by Nitrozac!

It's Woz's 70th birthday! Join the fun (there's a livestream on August 11th, at 5PM Pacific), win prizes, and support Woz's favorite charity by visiting and picking up some neat Woz swag, including Woz portraits by Nitrozac!



Aug 4, 2020



July 31, 2020

Lift Off!


June 14, 2020

A "Race to the bottom of the Brainstem"

Posted by Snaggy at 01:02 PM

May 31, 2020

All the Thunderbird launches!

Posted by Snaggy at 02:05 PM

May 27, 2020

Get to know Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the Space X crew!

Posted by Snaggy at 09:39 AM

May 15, 2020

If rockets were transparent!

Posted by Snaggy at 11:32 AM

April 25, 2020

Starlink satellites!

If you're looking to track Starlink satellites, check out the website Find Starlink!

Posted by Snaggy at 07:34 PM

April 11, 2020

Now THAT's a space station!

Posted by Snaggy at 10:20 AM

March 28, 2020

Apollo 11's landing profile

Posted by Snaggy at 09:19 AM

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