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The Joy of LinuxMacWorld Virtual Book Signing!


Followup: The virtual signing was a success and a whole lot of fun! Here's an archive of some of the day's signing events.

To celebrate Macworld Expo week, Nitrozac and Snaggy, creators of The Joy of Tech comic, are holding a virtual book signing Wednesday January 7th. They'll be signing copies of their new book, The Best of the Joy of Tech, broadcasting the feed from their webcam and simultaneously on IRC and iChat.

Just released by O'Reilly, this gorgeously produced book features the best and most beloved Joy of Tech comics, printed in full color, and includes an introduction by David Pogue, and a foreword by Steve Wozniak.

If you'd like one signed and personalized online, you can purchase one at their webstore. Or, if you buy one at the MacWorld O'Reilly booth, just email Snaggy, and the pair will send you a customized digital inscription you can print out on label paper and stick in your book.

Says Snaggy, "The virtual book signing is a fun and geeky thing to do, especially since Nitrozac and I weren't able to make it down to MacWorld Expo this year for a more traditional author signing. We are really proud of our new book, O'Reilly did a magnificent job printing it, and know our Mac fans will love it."

Says Nitrozac, "Our fans have been eagerly awaiting this book for a long time now, and it's fantastic to be able to offer them this gorgeous collection. And of course, we are so thrilled and honored that David Pogue and Steve Wozniak are part of it."

The signing is scheduled for Wednesday morning 10:30 Pacific time. Tune in via their webcam... and join them simultaneously in IRC and in the iChat/AIM chat room "joyoftech".


The Joy of Tech comic:

IRC information

Now available!
The Best of the Joy of Tech book, published by O’Reilly.
The Best of The Joy of Tech is the first major book for Nitrozac and Snaggy, who enjoy a huge following on the Internet, and have had their work published in several major newspapers and magazines (including regularly in MacWorld UK Magazine), and by countless inkjet printers around the Internet. The pair have also been featured on Apple's Hot News. Their comics often feature Macintosh and Apple humor, as well as cameos from members of the Macintosh community, and are much loved and lauded for their quality, originality, and humor.

About The Joy of Tech:
The Joy of Tech’s beautiful comic illustrations and pop culture references appeal to a wide audience. It has it's own style that is simultaneously retro and modern, one that’s smart and sexy. It finds an appeal with anyone interested in the latest cultural and technological trends, as well as those mired deep within the recesses of the IT world.

The comic has a large and loyal Mac following and this is reflected in the comic’s healthy serving of Apple-related humor. For a peek inside the insanely great and funny world of Macintosh culture, the Joy of Tech is a must visit.

About the authors:
Nitrozac (aka Liza Schmalcel) and Snaggy (aka Bruce Evans) are the creators of, a high-tech humor website, thriving online community, and purveryor of fine propeller beanies. is also the home of the hilarious webcomic The Joy of Tech, and the remarkable cartoon epic After Y2K.

For more information, including interview requests, please contact Snaggy.

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The Best of the Joy of Tech
Published by O'Reilly and Associates this gorgeous collection is now available. The book is a collection of the hilarious technology-centric comics created by the dual-processing powers of Nitrozac and Snaggy.

Long a favorite of those in the know, from the techies in the trenches to the movers and shakers who shape the IT industry, this is the first major publication of The Joy of Tech. The collection also features several new, never-before-seen comics, exclusive artist's notes on their work, an introduction by David Pogue, and a foreword by Apple cofounder and tech legend Steve Wozniak.

The Best of the Joy of Tech features:
  • 200 pages of full color Joy, including several new, never-before-seen comics, published by the geek publishing gods at O'Reilly!
  • Digitally re mastered comics! The best and most beloved Joy of Tech comics, hand (and mouse) selected by Nitrozac and Snaggy, tweaked, updated and enhanced exclusively for this printing!
  • An introduction by David Pogue! David is a tech icon, ... personal-technology columnist for the New York Times, with over 2.5 million books in print, he is one of the world's bestselling how-to authors, and a well-respected, much beloved, and best of all, funny Mac journalist.
  • A foreword by Steve Wozniak. Yes, that Steve Wozniak! Cofounder of Apple Computer, Wozniak helped define the entire computing industry with his design of the Apple I and II. His investment of time and resources into education has become the stuff of legend, has his sense of humor!
  • Artists comments on the comics! Nitrozac and Snaggy reveal their deepest, darkest, geekiest, and funniest facts about every comic in the book! Also included are the infamous and hysterical JoyPolls.
Says Nitrozac, "Our fans have been eagerly awaiting a book for a long time now, and it's fantastic to be able to offer them this gorgeous collection. And of course, we are so thrilled and honored that David Pogue and Steve Wozniak are part of this project."

available now!Nitrozac and Snaggy are well known for their Apple evangelism, so it's only fitting that there are two insanely huge sections of the book devoted exclusively to Mac comics.

"And yes, of course, all the cartoons were created on Macs. :-)"

Books are now shipping. As a special treat for their fans, the pair is offering signed copies of The Best of the Joy of Tech, and will also write a custom inscription.Says Snaggy, "Offering signed goods is something that we started with our t-shirts, and it was a huge hit. The fans really appreciate the personalization, and we have a lot of fun doing it, by signing them live on the webcam during a virtual book-signing event."

You can order The Best of Joy of Tech, signed and with an inscription, at the webstore for $19.95.Or you can also order your copy from for the mind-Bezos'ing price of only $10.47!