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After months of secret development and tight security, Nitrozac and Snaggy can finally reveal an exciting new upgrade for the Mac community. With great pride, we are proud to announce the release of the next generation of David Pogue icons... the David Pogue Icon Collection!

Version 2.0 expands upon the dramatic and wistful themes first explored by version 1.0, and introduces the phenomenal and revolutionary concept of the David Pogue folder icon!

Imagine if you will, folder icons that visually represent an OS X folder full of David Pogue heads! Stop imagining, for your dreams are now reality! Finally, the folders to keep all of your David Pogue stuff in, including your version 1.0 icon!

And as a bonus, we've included the actual folders. That's right folks, just download and unstuff this puppy, then start stuffing in your stuff, for these David Pogue folders are ready to do your bidding! And yes, for the foreseeable future, we are also including the Version 1.0 icon! That's right, the classic Pogue head icon is included with the Pogue Folders!

Download the David Pogue Icon Collection Version 2.0 here!

About the David Pogue icon for Mac OS X
The existence of a David Pogue icon was first suggested in an episode of The Joy of Tech by a cartoon character. When finally revealed to the world, it is said that the collective *gasp* was heard 'round the Macintosh world. These are really incredible icons, and in OS X these icons are amazingly huge, 100x100 pixels! They're anti-aliased, and the edges are crisp, unlike any icon of David Pogue you've ever seen before. They're re-scalable, and even in their smallest size you can identify them as David Pogue icons. Mac users soon made David Pogue icon re-scaling races part of their daily ritual, and relished blowing away their Pentium friends.

And now there are many. With twelve new icons, the David Pogue Icon Collection has increased exponentially the number of ways David's iconic representation can be incorporated into your Digital Lifestyle. Of course, the new folder icons are ideal for organizing your David Pogue collection, ...his old MacWorld columns, his homepage musings, or his New York Times articles, but by using your creativity, you can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

For example, many users instinctively put David's head on their desktop and marvel at its entertainment value, but you can also use the head icon as an icon for folders. Drag files onto it, and it looks like he’s absorbing the information!

In addition, we have recently been made aware that some ambitious users have been replacing the default icon of applications with the David Pogue icon. This alone represents a remarkable visual and human interface achievement, but when combined with the power of the Dock, it creates a David Pogue entity which bounces up and down when you launch him, as if he's trying to get your attention! The effect is chillingly lifelike!

OK, so now you're thinking "I gotta have those!", but you're also thinking "What's this going to set me back?" Well, we are happy to report that the OS X David Pogue Icon Collection is still available free of charge. We do reserve the right to revoke this offering if the reseller's market for OS X David Pogue icons improves, or if an alien race willing to barter gold bars for David Pogue icons arrives on Earth. We will however, not refuse kindly donations or webstore purchases by those caught up in a post-iconic Pogue-Mania frenzy.

Here is some of the buzz about the David Pogue Icon Collection...

  • "As someone who has a lot of the original David Pogue icons on his desktop, I'd just like to thank you folks for the new David Pogue folder icons. They're proving to be just the solution I need to round up and organize my Davids." -A Collector
  • "I really like my OS X David Pogue head icon. Sometimes I talk to it, and it seems to understand me. I also like the keep on Pogue-in' Davids, and I'm going to take them to my next user group meeting." -Peter, quiet shy geek.
  • "I've never seen an OS X icon of this magnitude of David Pogue. Now I'm in love with icons again, although I keep wanting to tidy up those Messy Pogues." -Christie, former compulsive icon collector, now in relapse.
  • "Wow! The icon of David Pogue's head, was awesome, but this free upgrade to version 2.0 is wild... and it's a folder full of David Pogue heads! You guys are scaring me!" -name withheld by request.
  • I'm not one to get caught up in the hype, but "blown away" and "beyond the rumor sites" just didn't do this new icon collection justice! -Big Time Mac Rumor Journalist.
  • I used to use Mac OS 9, but since the David Pogue icons, I've been sticking with X. He really does look better in X, he is way bigger, and I like adjusting his size depending on need. -Everyone who has ever used the OS X David Pogue Icon Collection!

Some background about the development of the new David Pogue Icon Collection:
There comes a time in every important Joy of Tech project, usually when the thing appears to be finished, that one of the creative team sends it back to the drawing board and asks that it be completely redone. Some people say this trait is pathological, a sign of control-freak perfectionism. We agree.

Says Nitrozac, "When Snaggy presented me with the first plastic model of what was to be the new David Pogue icon, it looked like the old Pogue on a no-carb diet, a leaner Pogue in the X-Zone. "There was nothing wrong with it," recalls Nitrozac. "It was fine. Really, it was fine." She hated it.

Rather than give her O.K., she invited Snaggy to stroll along a Pacific Coast beach and discuss the project. Nitrozac sketched out the Poguian ideal for the new icon. "Each Pogue pixel has to be true to itself," she told Snaggy. "Why have an icon upgrade if it's just going to the same old Pogue, perhaps with just a beard stuck on? Instead of looking exactly like the old icon, the thing should look more like "Pogues playing in the garden of your desktop."

This might have irritated some Snaggys. But Snaggy synchs with Nitro, readily playing Darth Vader to her Emperor. He had good working models of the new designs within a day, and had also searched Google for more icon shareware. But engineering the icons—squeezing all that Pogue spirit into the little pixels that Nitrozac dreamed about —took nearly six months. Yes, they had a lot of other stuff to do.

But finally, inspired by the release of Pogue's new book OS X The Missing Manual, the new icon collection has been released, and it is a stunning ensemble. These new icons, the long-awaited successors to the most downloaded, all-in-one David Pogue icon ever, signal that the Pogue icon is back and badder than ever. These new David Pogue icons, Nitrozac says, "are the best David Pogue icons we've ever done."

Nitrozac and Snaggy are betting that what Mac users most want from technology is control of their digital lives. And what better way to do that than with the smartest-looking, easiest-to-use, best-engineered David Pogue icons there are!

Download the Collection here!

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