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First Post!
It's that feeling of joy you get when you are the first to post in a forum or message board... the exhilaration of knowing you were first!

Internet scientists have proven it, ...there's only one post that is the first and it's First Post! No other post comes close to first post, all other posts are a distant second! Now imagine, ...being the first to first post while wearing this First Post t-shirt!

This is the first First Post t-shirt. Accept no second-rate substitutes! The shirt was first posted on After Y2K, and can soon make an appearance on you!

Nitrozac and Snaggy have put this shirt design through grueling tests and have discovered it is readable by the normal naked eye from a distance of 120 feet! So, at a convention or other gathering of geeks, your First Post t-shirt will be the t-shirt first read! If standing in one spot and slowly rotating, your shirt could have a readership coverage of over 45,239 sq. feet!

100% preshrunk cotton, with tiny Geek Culture logo on upper back.

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