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burning hunk o'geek Charles Steele
As a bonafide heartthrob, Charles has always been very popular with the ladies. Recently he gained critical acclaim for his role in Butterflies are Geeky. (Reprised in the far-out sequel Aliens are Geeky Too.) One of the hottest cartoon actors working today, he is currently negotiating to star in an upcoming action-adventure animated series.


beauty and brains... what a combo Gloria Pennie
Gloria is a rising starlet here at Geek TV™. This fun-loving and talented gal likes to swim, read, and talk to her cat. She hopes to become a veterinarian, that is, when not starring in hit cartoons. Gloria recently got an account at an ISP, and now her fans can reach her via e-mail!


Do not panic, Fred is not dead Fred B. Fly
Fred is a highly trained stunt butterfly whose talents are legendary in Hollywood. Thanks to Geek TV™’s Agricultural Light and Magic Department, Fred’s ghastly on-screen fate is only a computer-enhanced simulation. Whew!


alien cutie Gleeplo Chechech
Gleeplo has travelled very far to join the cast of Aliens are Geeky Too!. She likes to travel and fix leelepyns, whatever those are.


good old alien good looks Nagnoya Laplono
Despite his dastardly deeds on Geek TV™, Nagnoya is actually very nice in real life! He never stops joking and he keeps the entire staff of Geek TV™ in stitches! Ironically, Naganoya was working in a collection agency when first discovered by Geek TV™ talent agents!


Troublemakers, look out Jeffrey Rashnna
Jeff is a newcomer to the Geek TV™ staff, in fact Snot Trek is his first major role. Despite the costume he’s wearing, his favourite Star Trek character is not Geordie.


mucus of the year award The Snot Guy
The Snot Guy burst onto the cartoon scene with a riveting and disturbingly erotic performance in Snot Trek. This dedicated actor is setting new standards, and is a star to keep your eye on.


Longbow's a scene-stealer Frank Longbow
Space Dog! Who wants a Space Dog! Frank is a great sport and brought much to his role as the sensitive and loveable Space Dog Vendor. You can reach Frank via the Internet at [email protected].


nice ears Kris Kris
We don't know where this guy puts all the food! Blessed with a high metabolism, Kris really got into his role as the Logical Vulcan in Snot Trek. Kris is a Method actor, and insisted on using real snot in his scenes.


Space Dog killer Desmond Richard
Desmond used to be a concert violinist, but had to give it up due to a tragic knuckle-related accident. While recovering, he found solace in the teaching of Kahless, and so was a natural for his role as the Klingon warrior in Snot Trek.


no relation to William Mr. Shatner
Mr.Shatner enjoys life on the ranch with his family and horses. As he likes to point out, T. J. Hooker had a longer run longer than Star Trek!


Dr. Loving Hand
Doc Hand (as he’s known on the set) is a professional model with many roles to his credit. You may have seen him doing dishes, driving cars, or performing operations on ER. This is his first appearance in a Geek TV™ production, playing the challenging role of Hand Solo. Thanks to the talented special effects department, Doc was able to keep all of his digits despite the gory finale of Rodent Rage.


This little guy is a classically trained actor, and has appeared in several Broadway productions of The Nutcracker. He successfully made the transition to Geek TV™, passing up the opportunity to star in Mouse Hunt to perform the lead of Rodent Rage. After researching his role, Sniff became involved with several charities comforting the victims of Rodent Rage and attempting the rehabilitation of en-Raged mice. He currently resides under LA.


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