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I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy After Y2K. There are lots of entertaining things on the net these days, but After Y2K is so imaginitive that it really stands apart.

There are two things in particular that I like...

1. It's full of insider stuff, but it's not smug or "too cool for you".

2. I really like the depth of characterization. I know that must sound a bit "literary", but -- as every good writer says -- believable characters are the most compelling. Imagine: Fawn grew up on a horse ranch in Alberta!

Oh, and I also love the Canadian references. I'm a Canadian who remembers Mel Hurtig's suggestion that a tunnel be built from here to Mexico. :^)

Many thanks.

From Colin
Subject: Nitrophenomenon

im sure you are inundated with appreciative notes
but one more wont hurt, right? ;)

i rarely become a fan,
but you have made me one of yours

from the day a friend sent me a message
"read After Y2K, i recommend starting from the beginning"
and i spent the entire afternoon meandering through your beautiful universe

across the supportive rhythm of the daily ritual
one more creative and intelligent reminder
to lighten up and enjoy

to my anticipation of your resolution for the paradox...
what happens to the fine line you have crafted between the cartoon and our culture
when the timelines begin to overlap?

i have seen you bring people together
and inspire them to be proud of who they are
you have my admiration, my respect, and my thanks

- c
Hey Nitro,

I have been reading your cartoon strip for the last two hours or so, starting with the Martha Stewart saga. It's absolutely great, and I've been laughing my ass off the whole time. Just wanted to say thanks for the work and obvious creativity you have shown. I am going to go back now and keep going with the comics for a while, that is, until I run out of money and am forced to get a job, ha ha ha...

Any chance of getting an autographed frame of Bill Gates projecting his naked, astral self into his money bin?? (I was laughing so hard I almost trashed my mother board... that episode was great!! =o)

thanks again,

From: Tiffany Shlain
Subject: You know you're a famous geek when... you've been Nitrozac'd!

That is soooo cool!!!
This has now topped my list of the best reasons for doing The Webbys.
Thank you.
I started with Sluggy...
...it moved on to Userfriendly...

Now, I'm engrossed in After Y2k...

Life just doesn't get any better than this, you rock Nitrozac... for so long I've been looking for a decent geek strip, that's not only funny, but has worthy humor in it!

Long live After Y2k...

in New Zealand
After thinking about TTB's with Bite-Lites in their mouths, I don't mind saying I got a 'Tesla' of my own!

I'm a pretty big fan of cartoons - I used to read Calvin and Hobbes daily, and I've got compilation books of C&H, Foxtrot, Over the Hedge, Bloom County/Outland, etc. I read User Friendly almost daily...

But I can honestly say I don't think I've laughed at so many comics, one after the other, ever. After Y2K is simply astoundingly funny. :)

The way you've blended really *GEEK* culture (Slashdot! Woz! Linus!), half-naked geeks (Jeff! Rob! Linus! The techno-talkin' babes!), *really* funny dialogue with well-drawn characters has made for a really amusing and entertaining comic. The polls compliment the whole thing rather nicely.

I just finished reading through the archives this morning. I'm looking forward a lot more After Y2K. Keep up the good work. =]

Brad Zimmerman
From Lilith
Ah yes, greetings from Popess Lilith von Fraumench of the Church of the SubGenius. I discovered After Y2K today, and, I must admit, I'm deeply impressed. It seemed as if the strip simply became more and more demented--and sexy!--over time, and found myself laughing out loud repeatedly. This is NOT an easy task for any humorist, and as I've got glands the size of ball park franks in my neck it takes even more to make me laugh. Plus, any time a geek girl asserts her sexiness AND geekiness, why, it only encourages me to do the same. Bless your YOUness!

Eschew nosallak, and keep up the madness!
Robert Stevens, the Geek Squad
I like the comic... My favorite feature is the combination of moving animation with the comic images based on real life photos. It's a great combo of photos and comic style.
Sean writes...
I stumbled over your archives via freshmeat via slashdot, and am really pleased! ... your comic seems a fresh new presentation of great geek themes. I'm going to point a lot of my friends there.
Thanks for the fun.
Paul writes:
So, OK, the Geek looked like a caricature of me. Big deal. But now both of my dogs and my daughter's dog show up! I don't mind, but have we met?

Oh Paul, you really don't remember popping those red pills, do you?

From Jon
I've been reading your comic for a couple of months now and have been meaning to tell you how fantastic it is. Today, I rearranged my Netscape bookmarks and moved your site to the top of my "Daily Reading" section. You're now ahead of As The Apple Turns! (They update later than you, anyway...) Both your art and writing are terrific. And as a bonus, I imagine you're showing a lot of Slashdot (now #3 in "Daily Reading") kiddies that Mac users can be geeks also.
I've just discovered After Y2K and I have to say I love it. I think my favourite so far was "Ghoul Talk" but alas I didn't expect to see my best Linus Torvalds fantasies cropping up in every other strip!
James writes...
Hi Nitrozac,
First, I've got to say congratulations on such a great piece of geek culture. After Y2K is consistently of high quality, and also piss funny. You must put a lot of work into it....
Brian writes
Thanks for the laughs. While I can't be considered a full fledged geek, I know enough to get most of the humor. Very rarely do I give the dog stare at my screen. I appreciate the effort you are putting into aftery2k. What else can I say, a funny strip and scantily clad babes. This is as close to comic heaven as I will ever get.
Hey Nitro,
After Y2K is soooooooo funny! It has me rolling, easily my fave online comic ever.
...Have a great weekend!
Hi Nitrozac,
I'm not going to write much because it's quarter past two in the morning and my brain's starting to shut down - but I wandered across your comic today - it's excellent! :) More worryingly, I found I understood all the jokes and references. :) You just got a new fan.
*glockenspiel sound*
Jas writes:
Hey there Nitrozac! I just got done going through the AfterY2K! archives, and I have to say I'm impressed. Great artwork, and an even greater storyline. Your grasp of technological trends is what makes AfterY2K! different from the other web comics out there. That, and the twists you put on everything (Bill Gates stuck in his own bathroom? Hilarious!). You're just about the only webcomic I check out on a regular basis. The other one I read daily is Userfriendly, so you're in good company! Keep it up, and you'll have unparalled success.
Matthew writes:
Nitrozac; I just have to say that I love your comic. I used to surf a lot and then I usually logged on just to check my email, now, there are 3 reasons I log on. To check my email, to hit Slashdot and to see what's new at AfterY2K! These are the only 2 sites that I make sure and hit every day...whether or not I really have time to or not, I always do - don't tell my boss ;-). Slashdot gives me info and some humor and yours gives me a laugh. It's just great, keep up the good work...!!!
From Steve: "Absolutely hilarious :) Thanks for a great comic!"
Diver Dobbs again!....
Just wanted to say thank you for making Y2K an every day thing.. It already looks like you work your fingers off, and your butt to the bone already for us, so I just wanted you to know that we (using the royal we here.. I guess I should say I) appreciate the effort...
From Jason: "Nitrozac, I just got finished reading After-Y2K. It's hilarious. I really liked the Apocalypse Now parodies! But how come we never get to see a facial shot of you?"
A facial shot? Hmmm, perhaps in a pay-per-view section ;-)

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