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Current JoyPoll results for 919 entries:

Which bait would best catch you?
Money, ... the most reliable bait on the market. 49 5%
Food, ... it's the trap that ends up down your trap. 16 1%
Sexy stuff, ... the second most reliable bait on the market. 189 20%
Brainy stuff, ... a Rubic's cube, strategically placed under a suspended anvil, is one of Acme Inc.'s best sellers from their "How to Catch Geeks" Catalogue. 72 7%
I'm uncatchable, ...I bet you say that to all the traps. 117 12%
I'm trapped already, ...it's not whether you're trapped or not, but how you took the bait. 375 40%
I'm catching up on the results. 101 10%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and unimplimented traps.

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