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In the year 2525, will geeks still be alive?
Nope, ... heh, isn't that what they said 524 years ago? 4 0%
Yes, ... great, cause I'm hoping someone will help me install Mac OS DXXXIV. 113 19%
There will be geeks, but just not in the form we know them today, ... they are still called geeks, but are more commonly known as Soylent Geek. 273 48%
Oh god, I hope not, ... as the apes in the year 2525 like to say, Get your hands off me, you stinking geek! 24 4%
I'd just want to point out that the year 2525 is not a Millennial year, ... not millennial, but kinda symetrical! 104 18%
I survived the results. 48 8%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and Zagar and Evans.

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