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Using your geek powers, who do you like to bully around ?
Newbies, ... such a cowardly act, preying on those least able to defend themselves. ...heh. 35 7%
Major corporations, ... ditto, LOL. 70 15%
COBOL programmers, ... haven't they been teased enough? 38 8%
I would never use my geek powers for evil, ... once you go down that path, it will forever dominate your geekosphere. 248 54%
I'm the one who tends to get picked on by geeks, ... not all geeks are such bullies, some even sympathize with lower life forms. ;) 22 4%
I was made to view the results. 41 9%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the Newbie Defence League of America.

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