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Why is there a cat in the Napster logo?
The cat represents a cat nap, taken while downloading large files, hence napster, ... or represents the nocturnal nature of most users? 97 21%
Shawn Fanning's cat forced him to do it, ... ya, that cat was a real publicity hound. 54 11%
Because Napster is now run by a bunch of greedy fat-cat executives, ... fat cats are not necessarily greedy, often they are just fed too much. 61 13%
Because Shawn Fanning had nappy hair in high school and that was his nickname, and while in high school he knew a cat that downloaded copyrighted music off the Internet, ... yep, that was one cool cat! 36 7%
It's not a cat, it's an upside-down smiling robot wearing earmuffs, and he has one eyebrow, and the other line is an opening where you deposit coins, ... obviously, the t-shirt person screwed up and printed all the logos upside down. 146 32%
I shared the results. 60 13%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and clumping kitty litter.
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