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Anthropomorphization means attributing human characteristics to nonhuman things. What exactly then are the animals in today's comic doing?
Animalmorphization, ... isn't that some kind of Japanese animation? 7 1%
They are anthropomorphized animalmorphizers, ... I'm pretty sure that is illegal, even in cartoons. 31 7%
They are both being really bitchy, ... well, so would you, it's a zoo in that house! 149 34%
Making the biggest mistake of their lives, ... ya, that monkey's running Windows, and there's a bomb in the pussy's suitcase. 39 9%
If I'm not mistaken, that monkey is ambidextrous and that pussycat is polydactyl, ... gee, no wonder they fell in love! 156 36%
I animalistically viewed the anthroprocentric results. 44 10%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and anthrax.
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