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The Joy of Tech's "Design an LCD iMac®" Contest!

Here's our 2nd entry... Michael Hurley's iMac '02!

iMac '02!

600 - 877 MHz Blazing Fast PowerPC G3 Processor w/ 256K L2 cache @ clock speed
128 - 512 MB SDRAM
40 - 80 GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
DVD/CD-RW combo drive
ATI RAGE 128 w/ 32 MB VRAM
10/1000BASE-T Ethernet
56K voice/fax modem
16.5" Cinema-Aspect LCD Active Matrix Screen on vertically pivoting mount.
Small footprint lazy-susan swivel base to allow the computer to face any direction.
2 USB ports
2 FireWire ports
VGA port
Stereo Harman Kardon speakers
Integrated carry handle
Fanless convection cooling

Available in Graphite, Ice, Lava, and Sky.

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