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The Joy of Tech's "Design an LCD iMac®" Contest!

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chromatic's LCD iMac

Here are some photos of the new transparent iMac. Note in the first photo the sleek and stylish LCD screen with built in Airport receiver, DVD-ROM, speakers, and USB ports. The processor, memory, and base station are integrated into a single unit, but as the second photo shows, can be disconnected as necessary. (The computer is on in the second photo, showing off the new ultra-clean transparent OS X theme.)

The third photo focuses solely on the wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse (in the lower right corner). These components have the same clear, clean lines you'd expect from the transparent iMac, again with built in USB and firewire ports on the keyboard. The mouse uses a Murky Sunset LED -- and more colors will be available as this goes to press.

The final photo demonstrates a working system. It seamlessly blends into any working environment, whether at home or at the office. Its light, elegant design will surely enhance your productivity and your sense of individuality. Models are available starting with a 733 MHz G4 and moving all the way up to a mind-boggling 1.6 GHz G5 fully decked out at 512 mB of RAM. DVD writing facilities will be available in your choice of Blizzard, Pure Water, Polar Bear Blinking in a Snowstorm colors (free on higher end models).

For more on the new transparent design, please see the new section of the Apple website, available from the link "The Visibility Vexation". People don't have to be beige or fruit-colored; why should your computer?

heh, that model looks suspiciously like the transparent abacus! -Snaggy

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