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Here you can find short descriptions and links to some of the storylines in the comic, and Shockwave episodes. If you want a general overview of the chronological events of After Y2K, you'll find that in a Brief History of After Y2K.

Favorite Threads
Apocalypse GeekApocalypse Geek
Distraught from the lack of technology, the Geek falls into a state of deep depression.
His neighbour Relic, seeing that something had to be done, enlists the help of a Dude to take the Geek upriver to Kurt's, the compound where a brilliant scientist has established the Center for Recovering Geeks.

Episode II, a puppet show!Star Wars Episode II, Anakin Does the Queen
George Lucas, himself a recovering Geek since the collapse of Industrial Light and Magic, presents his latest saga "Star Wars, Episode II, Anakin Does the Queen." in puppet-show format!

Meeting his makerThe Red Pill
The Geek meets his maker and learns the awful truth about cartoon existence, in this Matrix-inspired thread.

Martha Stewart vs the Geeks
Forewarned of the coming Fall of Civilization by the Ghost of Ada Byron, Martha Stewart stockpiles all the essentials she will need to prosper post Y2K. After the Apocalypse, her
craft and survival skills (as well as her lovely bathrooms) leave her in a position of great power, and many warlords pledge their allegiance to her. But despite all her success, Martha is driven by one desire, the need to be accepted as a geek, and upon hearing of the Geek Compound, she moves her mighty army into position to demand such from the ragtag collection of geeky souls.

The Techno-Talking Babes

Uber geek chicks who are pleasant on the sensors! Drawn in the spirit of 1950's cheesecake, they are often the heroes of After Y2K. They are smart, sexy babes with talent, ...and secret identities! Here are a few classic episodes featuring the TTBs:

Bill on the can.Bill Gates in the Bathroom
Early January 1st, 2000
, Bill Gates finds himself locked in his bathroom after a Y2K bug renders his neat Star Trek doors inoperable. Numerous attempts to free him prove futile, and it is discovered that the bathroom is heavily shielded by impenetrable Nitrozanium. In order to get to Abacus World Expo, the bathroom was extracted from his Redmond home and transported to Las Vegas on the NASA crawler. After the Expo, on route back, it was ambushed by Praire Dogs, and dragged into their underground complex.

AWE Booth GuysThe First Four

Abacus World Expo
Even in a world without high technology, geeks will gather at Expos! This one held in Las Vegas, proves to be eventful, featuring time-travelling Eniac chicks, The Microsoft Soul Sucking Booth, and a godzilla-style battle above the skyline between a giant teddy bear and a mutant blow-up doll.

checking out dinnerA Geek lost in the Desert
On the way back from Abacus World Expo, the Geek falls off the wagon and ends up captured by a race of prairie dogs ... ones genetically engineered to crave geek meat!

Death blast!Saving the world from theY2K Bug
After examining the Geeks mutated robot dog, theTTBs realize they can develop a nano-virus cure for the Y2K Bug.
Even better, by re-creating the First Four's Time Machine, they can go back in time and inoculate technology using a nano-virus, thus preventing the Geek Apocalypse in the first place! But there are dangers, a risk of being stranded in the past, and the high likelihood of being killed by the Chrono-tidal wave that such a timeline change would generate. Features four spectacular Imaginary Episodes!

Sir Arthur!Arthur C. Clarke's Real Millennium Bug
Little do the TTBs realize that Arthur C. Clarke has been observing them from his Sri Lankan laboratory, and he has his own agenda. Obsessed with teaching the world when the Real Millennium is, he has a plan... to use a network of orbiting satellites to stop the world in it's tracks! Utilizing advanced thermodynamic technology, his satellites will transmit quantum beams: all machines will be frozen until the entire world agrees that 2001 is the Real Millennium!

LaCutest of Go-GoThe Go-Go Invasion
A giant abacus filled with Go-Go dancers attempts to assimilate Earth with their infectious music. Meanwhile TransMeta CEO David Ditzel attempts to re-claim his EniacAbacas.

Young Tubes!Techno-Talking Tube Twins!

Tubes Rock!
The Y2K Bug is cured, and the Real Millennium Beams shut off... now it's time to re-build civilization! Waiting for just such an opportunity has been Tubes Rock Inc., a company that has been stockpiling tubes and tube projects for years. At the helm, Tubes, a tube evangelist obsessed with creating a vacuum tube-based society!

Shockwave Episodes!

The Birth of the Go-Go Cube
: Linus Torvalds's TransMeta keynote explodes into action when a last minute PR stunt, (adding Go-Go girls to the EniacAbacus) has an unexpected result!

A Trip through the Soul Sucking Birth: Seduced by the System Admin, the Geek, Dude, and Relic take a trip through Microsoft's latest offering.

Go-Go Assimilation
: After assimilating countless worlds with it's infectious go-go music, the Cube returns to Earth, ... and at the helm... Bambi as La Cutest of Go-Go!

David Ditzel's rocket ride:
The mastermind behind the EniacAbacus devises a scheme and builds a rocket to re-claim his creation!

Dave... TransMeta's CEO David Ditzel attempts to disable the Go-Go Cube, ... but can LaCutest of Go-Go stop him first?

If you're looking for a general overview of the chronological events of After Y2K, you'll find that in a Brief History of After Y2K.

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