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I am compelled to file a grievance here....

It's 10:00 p.m. and as a proper geek I am watching George Carlin on TV while surfing the web as any 'real computer' geek ought to ... On my TiBook....

I was browsing through the abacus archives on AY2K and had to share the MacAbacus series with my wife.

I saw that the URL's formed a numerical sequence, so I edited the URL to:
And I got your congrats for being curious.

So I had to dig further, I edited to:
http://www.joyoftech.com/geekycomics/Aftery2k/y2Karchives/000.html ....

Here's where things went wrong.

I laughed so hard, so loud, that I woke up my 4 year old daughter from her bedroom upstairs.

Now my wife won't let me visit the Geek Love section anymore... She's pissed! ;-)

Anyways, all kidding aside, thanks for the great humor! About Apple --It's hard to believe that you can love a company's products so much but get so frustrated with the company! I feel bad for the trouble you had with the Mother Ship lately... I even bought up a Polo and a cap tonight to make sure I could get my voice heard!

LOL! Great email, thanks Keith! :)
Irresponsible Manilow Usage

Dear Ms Nitrozac,

I'd like to file a complaint about your irresponsible usage of Barry Manilow's picture in your quickpoll pages.

A good friend of mine, Heather, recently suffered a severe musical breakdown after "Copacabana" became stuck in her head as a result of viewing one of your quickpoll images, to wit: here!

Fortunately, I was on hand to administer a liberal dosage of Our Lady Peace to neutralize the Manilonium levels building rapidly in her system. Had I not acted when I did, the damage to her musical sanity could have been irrepairable...

Now, because no permanent damage was done, we've decided not to get the lawyers involved... I just ask that you be more careful in the future when using Barry Manilow's images, and to please consider the possible damage such actions may cause. I'm sure, being a responsible member of the online society, you will take the necessary steps to prevent such a mishap from occuring in the future. Perhaps you could consider using alternative pictures when Barry Manilow is not strictly required.

May I recommend more pictures of your boots?

Thank you for your time.

Adam Schumacher
Take the Barry Manilow After Y2K Tour!
Start here, then here, here, here, here, here, and here, here, here and here, and here!
-Snaggy :-)
Fave Rave Cave... an archive of Fave Raves

Thanks to everyone who's emailed in with their support, compliments, and suggestions! Here's a few that have really made my day! :-) -Nitrozac

From Diver Dobbs:(My #1 fan!)
"Nitrozac, I just wanted to tell you how much I have loved the recent thread in AfterY2K. For some reason I couldn't reach the server Geek Culture wuz on so I was missing my hit for the day... until just a few minutes ago, and wow!! it stopped the shakes, calmed the craving, uncurved my spine, and won the war of the Allieds.. Anyway, thanks for the comic... you make work bareable...."

From Darin: "I enjoy your strip immensely. You obviously put a lot of work into it, and it shows. It's funny and reflects the community. Keep up the good work."

"I fully support pool babes."
Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda

"Heh. Rob and I spent much of the morning reading through the rest of your stuff. You're funny. Seriously. Some of the best work I've seen... "
Jeff "hemos" Bates

From Uilani in Hawaii
: "After Y2K is smashing... Please keep After Y2K going!"
and more... "I still love the strip, it's better than ever,.."

Love this comic!
I wrote the Quake II manual so I though it was *extra* profound, man!! All the best and keep up the great work at geek culture!
Marc Saltzman

From Bob: "Keep up that great sense of humor. I can't wait to see who gets thrown in the mix next. :-) "

From Alfie: "Thanks so much for sharing this hilarious look at geekdom and the y2k thing with us online! I look forward to reading it everyday."

"Very funny :) I like."
Scott, Segfault.org Editor

From Partrick in Germany: "The comic rocks. You rule. Stay cool. THANX for sharing."

From Will: "um, just saw yer comic via a link on slashdot, think its hilarious. been up for an hour or so now reading it and enjoying every minute of it. just suppose i wanted to say keep up the good work, it is appreciated."

Cameron writes: "I must say that Nitrozac and the After Y2K comic had me cracking up! I read all of the archives today!"

UK Steve writes: "Just had the pleasure to experience your cartoon "After Y2K".
It be cool 8-) ...I have woken up to the fact that being a geek is something to be proud of, and I really enjoy reading cartoons such as yours. Keep up the good work!"

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