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We are off today, celebrating our home and native land, but we thought you'd enjoy this still-very-relevant JoT from our archives!


Facebook performance art!

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June 20

June 23

June 25

June 27


The JoyPol was...

What's the moral of this comic?

  • Performance art is often stupid.
  • Humans, especially ones on the Internet, can be really, really stupid.
  • You can warn people about bad things over and over and over, but they will keep doing it anyway.
  • People will gladly give up their soul to be a part of a group.
  • Facebook isn't free, and never will be.
  • All of the above, plus a few more.

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dragonman97 is thinking of buying a MacBook Air, ... TheMoMan asks are TV & Movie Stars that Self centered?, and notices the Swallows are back, ... and Ashitika flies into a spacemine field after watching Barbarella.

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